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Nov 13, 2014

Introduction of New Intern: Ms. Yuriko Kaji


My name is Yuriko Kaji, a short-term intern at Cocoro Limited to conduct a research on public-private partnership for supporting BOP/Inclusive business in Bangladesh.

I was working for the legal department in a Japanese securities company, responsible for the documentation of derivative transaction, structured notes and so on. After I left the company, I have studied International Development and Development Economics at IDE-Advanced school and University of London, SOAS.

As I have finished my master’s course this September, I came to Bangladesh to learn how the development projects are conducted in the actual development field.

Before I started this internship, I had been working as an intern at BRAC, Microfinance Programme for 2 months. In BRAC I conducted the evaluation of a microfinance pilot project and learned how BRAC supported poor and ultra-poor people.

I will do research on the public-private partnership and finance scheme to supportBOP/Inclusive business in Bangladesh. I would like to contribute to provide useful information for Japanese companies whose business serve the sustainable development in Bangladesh.

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