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Cocoro Limited has started its business in June 2005, and it established a company in Bangladesh in January 2013, with its aim to support social entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, we were engaged in various activities to support businesses, which aim to solve social issues. In January 2016, we shifted our location to Japan, and continued to work on developing sustainable businesses in Japan and Asia.

1. Businesses in Bangladesh

We were mainly engaged in following activities in Bangladesh.

(1)Research on social issues in Bangladesh
(2)Developing local network in Bangladesh
(3)Organizing seminars and workshops
(4)Delivering information to promote Bangladesh to Japan
(5)Organizing study tour programs on business in Bangladesh
(6)Young talent development

Being valued by above activities, in July 2014, Cocoro Limited signed an agreement with Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI) to become official facilitator of trade and investment between Japan and Bangladesh.

In September 2014, Cocoro Limited organized “Japan Bangladesh Women Social Entrepreneurs Dialogue 2014”, a conference held in Dhaka to support women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. This conference was selected as one of the official side events for WAW! Tokyo 2014 (World Assembly for Women 2014) organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Various participants joined the conference, including local women social entrepreneurs, business leaders and members of international organization, and had active dialogue among the participants.

As for the young talent development, Cocoro Limited has accepted young interns from Japan. During 2013 to 2015, seven interns had completed the internship program.

2. Work on JICA’s platform to support social entrepreneurs and BOP businesses

Since June 2013, Cocoro Limited had been appointed by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to develop a platform to support Japanese companies and social entrepreneurs for their businesses in Bangladesh (see Research: Achievements for the details). We developed “Bangland”, a website to promote Bangladesh to Japanese companies, and produced various articles and reports as contents of the website.


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