Cocoro Limited


Cocoro Limited
Taku Furukawa/Chairman
Yukari Suzuki/ Managing Director

Cocoro recognizes the importance of protecting and managing privacy and personal information of the visitors for our business operation. We have set the following basic policies and strive to protect all personal information in an appropriate manner.

1.Basic Principle of Proper Collection and Use of Personal Information

(ⅰ) Collection of personal information

When Cocoro collects personal information directly from a visitor to this website, we will, in advance, notify the clear purpose of its use.

(ii) Use of personal information

When Cocoro uses the collected personal information, we will utilize it with in the scope of the purpose we set in advance.

2.Management of personal information

Cocoro will manage the personal information of the visitors collected through this website appropriately and takes proper safety guards in order to prevent personal information from an unlawful access, being lost, altered, and leaked.

3.Compliance with applicable laws and internal rules

Cocoro complies with any applicable laws and the industry guidelines on personal information, and we take great care to secure any of all the personal information based on the prescribed conditions of the internal rule.

4.Your Rights.

Cocoro respects personal rights regarding to any personal information. If you request to verify your personal information that we have collected, we will comply with the request with a reasonable term and within a valid range only when we could verify your identity. You also have the right to request that your information be modified or deleted. We will endeavor to deal with all such requests for modifications in a timely manner only when we could verify your identity.